Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is Becky Edwards a Democrat?

There's a bit of controversy stirring over whether Becky Edwards is or was ever a Democrat. Check the comments on a recent post of mine for a reference.

Well, this could be settled if Becky would just come out and lay out her past votes, and party affiliations.



Heidi said...

This is so stupid. She has been a Republican delegate! Only in Utah do we have to be so very narrow to fit into a tiny little space defined by others. I don't think Mitt Romney would have ever been elected governor here!

Sarah said...

Narrow Minded? Come on Heidi, turn on the TV, see what issues Obama is pushing- universal health care? Sounds very much like Becky to me. Saying she held a fund raiser for Mitt and then voting Democrat? Something is wrong there...Where's the line between Republican and Democrat, and are you yourself on the donkey side?

Allie said...

The line between democrats and republicans is an interesting one. I know some pretty liberal republicans and some pretty conservative democrats.

It seems in Utah, the republican party is alienating more and more people as the requirements become tighter. Does Becky have to be super-ultra-conservative to be considered a republican?

From what I know of her, she's a moderate republican, which, if we have to have a lopsided government, at least we could have a bit of moderation.

Lets just stop acting like being called a democrat is an insult. It's insulting to us democrats. :)

Amy said...

Growing up Democrat in a predominantly Republican state, not to mention district, isn't always easy. What's harder sometimes, is staying true to who you are. What is upsetting to me is this: The insult isn't that she is being called a democrat, the insult is a candidate who has democratic ideals, yet is on the Republican ticket just to appease the masses. Does she think that's the only way she can win? Stand true to who you are. Congrats to our candidate Kyle for being strongly rooted in what he represents. If Becky was a moderate republican she should have voted for the moderate republican named McCain. Neither Democratic candidate could be confused for a moderate Republican, no matter which one she voted for.

Tyler Farrer said...

Well, I can already tell you that Becky Edwards is more liberal than I would like. What I'm asking however, and what everyone would like to know, is whether Edwards has been registered as a Democrat? It's just a question of fact. If she was a Democrat, then the voter can decide whether that is good or not for themselves.

Allie said...

I agree with you Amy. Too many people think they have to have some sort of loyalty to a party that is moving farther and farther away from what they believe.

(Except for Tyler- we know you're republican through and through, and we like you all the more for it!)

(that must be a we in the royal sense...)

Allie said...

So Tyler.... Now that Neuenschwander is out, are you voting for the republican that is too liberal and that you have accused of being a closet democrat?

If not, you could always vote for the democrat that you know...


(we'll be getting signs soon if you want one for your lawn)

Phill Wright said...

Becky is not a Democrat. She was not registered as a Democrat. She did however vote in the Democrat Primary for Obama. The Utah Democrat Party does not require anyone to be a registered Democrat to vote in their primary. If you look at her voting record the last two years you can see for yourself where she leans politically. Check out my latest Blog on her record compared to the positions of her her challenger DJ Schanz. "Representation for Real or Republican for Real? You decide!