Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet the Candidate: D.J. Schanz

I may not be a State Delegate, but I find myself tonight at a meeting with a candidate running for the Utah Representative for my district against Edwards.

Most of the people here are members of the 9-12 group. I've decided that I'm better off not affiliating. At this point I'm a Republican, but that's about it as far as political proper nouns go for me.

D.J. Is an entrepreneur, and has a wife and three kids. He's been Director of Campaign for Liberty.

This is more like a campaign bull session than a meet the candidate night, but I think everyone is of a like mind about D.J's limited government viewpoint.

I've been the only person asking questions like you would normally at one of these meetings.

D.J. is a eloquent, gregarious guy, but based on those with whom he associates, I think I understand his values. I think I share them, and I can't say that I feel that way about the our current representative. He mentioned The Law, by Bastiat and the Constitution as the two documents that have most influenced his thinking.

If you are a State Delegate, and your instinct is to go with the incumbent, then you should think a second time.

I haven't met Chet Loftis, and he could be a very good candidate, so don't consider this an endorsement.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Open Thread: What are Delegates thinking?

This is an invitation to all County delegates from Davis County to spill on any subject, or candidate that springs to mind? What are you thinking about as you head towards April 10th? Which candidates have you met? Which do you like?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Precinct Caucus Ever!

That's what people are saying. Our precinct had 46 attendees and 1 visitor(an unregistered individual who wanted to learn. Shame he couldn't vote because we got mixed signals from the County leadership on this.) I got elected as a County Delegate, just as I wanted. I got elected vice-chair which is the price that you pay.

One litmus test arose tonight, which was whether you would vote for Bob Bennett. It was about 50/50, and the results reflected that too on the State Delegate side.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Return to Blogging

It's been 2 years since my last post. I thought this blog was dead and gone, and I must say that I have enjoyed the sabbatical (a very long sabbatical). This morning at a Precinct Caucus training I was recognized as "the blogger" by someone at the registration area, and I thought it strange that something I thought was long behind me was still front and center somehow.

The comment about my blogging was a very odd coincidence, because I had already decided to return to blogging local politics. It wasn't going to be tonight, but soon. I'm not going to go as strong as I did before, but some people still remember me, so maybe I can make a difference.