Friday, September 29, 2006

[Davis County Watch: Creative Solutions] Standard Examiner:Transportation::Davis leaders to send letter with concerns

For the last week, my drive home has taken about three times as long. I drive north along I-215, and the bottleneck has begun in SL, around 7th North, but the pimple on my route seems to be where I-15 and 215 merge.

If Davis County were a room of your home, it would be the bedroom hallway, and the fact remains that the great majority of our residents still work outside of the County. So, I'm pleased to see that the Council of Governments is requesting of SL that they consider Davis County when they plan the downtown. I'm also hopeful that we will take responsibility for the bottleneck that we create in our own vicinity.

Transportation::Davis leaders to send letter with concerns

Posted by Tyler Farrer to Davis County Watch: Creative Solutions at 9/29/2006 08:42:00 AM